Elliott Routledge

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Elliott Routledge, born in Tokyo, Japan, is a contemporary abstract artist living and working out of Sydney. He is known for his public art installations around Australia and throughout parts of the world. His work exists in a balance between expressive mark making, abstract form and small to large scale sculpture.

Routledge presents paintings and sculptural pieces which are influenced by his exterior outdoor public practice, which go from small intimate works to large scale canvas paintings that demand attention and react to the architecture that surrounds. It’s within this process of painting facades where the correlation to people and their own facades becomes apparent. Routledge takes visual data from experience, feeling, or physical objects and rearranges them into abstracted portraits of what could make up a person.

Routledge’s landmark mural in Pitt Street, Sydney was a feature of the Art & About Festival in Sydney and also the SODO Track international mural festival in Seattle, USA. As part of his 2014 residency in Vienna, his work was shown in the Museums Quartier. His work can be viewed publicly in the form of numerous large scale outdoor works or sculptures, and also his meticulously painted abstract paintings.